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Dom Pod Sosnami Aneta Mazurek
68 - 219 Tuplice, Gręzawa 21
gm. Tuplice, woj. lubuskie
tel: (+ 48) 501 774 502


Number of places: 8
Prices: 50 zł
One night: 80 zł
The house is situated by the forest.  We offer our guests four 2 people rooms, every room with separate entrance and furnished terrace, barbecue, bathroom and TV. There is an independent kitchen for the quests' use. The parking area is fenced.

There are also: swimming pool, place for bonfires. There is playground 150 m from the house. You can hire bikes here. There is also a place to dry mushrooms and to smoke meat.

How to get there?
After the border crossing Forst - Zasieki, keep going to Brody village. In Brody village turn in the direction of Tuplice village. From different directions - follow the road to Żary, Lubsko then to the border crossing in Zasieki/Forst, but do not reach the border crossing! In Brody village turn in the direction of Tuplice village.

Advantages of the farm:ognisko

parking ogólnodostępna kuchnia lodówka ogólnodostępna WC do wyłącznej dyspozycji prysznic do wyłącznej dyspozycji TV rowery na miejscu badminton siatkówka piłka nożna

Why is it worth coming to us:

  • Fresh and clean air - thanks to the pine forest microclimate,
  • Forest full of wild berries and mushrooms,
  • Family atmosphere,
  • Possibility of hiring bikes,
  • There is possibility to work on the farm with hosts
  • Swimming pool in the front of summer house,
  • Nature tours "Forest and meadow" in the farm surrounding,
  • Tractor- wagons rides.

Useful information:

  • swimming place - 3000 m
  • forest - 10 m
  • nearest restaurant - 8 km
  • railway station- 5 km
  • bus station - 500 m
  • grocery shop - 250 m
  • geographic region - Lubuskie Forest
  • Towns and cities nearby- Żary, Lubsko
  • Attractive lakes nearby (in distance of 3km) - Głęokie

You are warmly welcome!

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